Special Offers

These block booking schemes are designed to encourage your commitment to self care, with these session being at a lower cost per session.

The treatments can be shared with family or friends.

Sports and Holistic Single Treatments

45 minute session £40.00

This session time is ideal for those with a busy schedule who want a quick slice of relaxation.

60 minute session £55.00

This is perfect for a specific area of treatment work, allowing time to relax into the treatment.

90 minute session £90.00

This session time allows for a full body session, with in depth work on specific areas.

120 minute session £100.00

This session time allows plenty of time to accomplish all your therapeutic goals, leaving you relaxed and restored.

Block Bookings

Option 1:  5 x 30 minute sessions £170.00 (saving £5.00)

Option 2:  5 x 45 minute sessions £190.00 (saving £10.00)

Option 3:  5 x 60 minute sessions £247.00 (saving £28.00)

Option 4:  5 x 90 minute sessions £378.00 (saving £72.00)

Option 5:  5 x 120 minute sessions £400.00 (saving £100.00)