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Special Offers
Block Bookings

This block booking scheme is designed to encourage your commitment to self care, with these sessions being at a lower cost per session.  

The treatments can be shared with family or friends to reduce overall cost

Block Booking Sessions

Option 1:  5 x 45 minute sessions £225.00 (saving £25:00)

Option 2:  5 x 60 minute sessions £300.00 (saving £25:00)

Option 3:  5 x 90 minute sessions (price dependent on treatment chosen)

Option 4:  5 x 120 minute sessions (price dependent on treatment chosen)



Small Groups at the Hands On Cabin

Option 1: a group of 2 people. £60 pp for 60 minutes each 

Option 2: a group of 2 people. £45pp for 45 minutes each

Option 3: a group of 4 people. £30 pp for 25 minutes each


Couples/Partners/Friends (maximum 2 people) 90 minute treatment:

Either Full Body Relaxation Massage or Deep Tissue Massage £100:00pp



Mobile Group Pamper Packages


6 x 30 minute treatments. £210:00

10 x 30 minute treatments. £350:00

12 x 30 minute treatments. £445:00

Prices are inclusive of travel and set up time

Treatment Choices:

Express Facial Massage

Indian Head Massage

Thai Foot Massage

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage







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