Holistic Treatments

Full Body Treatment.

Neck, Back & Shoulder Treatment.

Hands & Arms Treatment.

Feet & Legs Treatment.

Using a range of professional Aromatherapy oils


Treatment Duration Holistic Massages     

90 minutes                 £75.00

75 minutes                 £50.00 

45 minutes                 £40.00 

 Please note: full body 75 or 90 minutes only            

Wellbeing Treatments


Indian Head treatment.


Using quality professional products.

Treatment Duration

75 minutes                 £55.00

60 minutes                 £45.00  

Heated Lava Shell
Lava shells owe their magic to a mix of minerals including algae, dried sea kelp, dead sea salt and essential oils. This blend of ingredients creates a chemical reaction inside the shell to produce heat that lasts for up to two hours – a lot longer than stones. What’s more, the lava shells give off calcium ions which leaves the skin looking firmer and more fabulous. 

45 minutes £50.00

60 minutes £65.00

75 minutes £70.00

Spa Style Rituals

An ultimate spa ritual experience to enhance your wellbing. Commencing with Body brush and exfoliation using various salts and scrubs, preparing your skin for a sublime body mask and cocooning wrap, to nourish, hydrate and restore the balance to your skin.

Full body. brush, exfoliation scrub and mask, to reveal silky smooth skin including a deeply relaxing scalp massage.

Duration. 75 minutes £65.00

                   90 minutes £75.00

Back only. brush, deep cleanse, exfoliation scrub and mask.

Duration. 75 minutes £55.00

                   90 minutes £65.00

Legs & Feet only. exfoliation scrub and massage with oils. ideal for cellulite reduction, by firming and toning the skin.

Duration. 60 minutes £45.00

                   75 minutes £55.00

Sports Massage Treatments


Full Body Treatment 

Neck, Back & Shoulder Treatment

Glutes and Legs

Arms and Hands

Using professional lotions or waxes


Treatment Duration Sports Massages     

90 minutes                 £75.00

75 minutes                 £65.00

60 minutes                 £50.00

45 minutes                 £40.00 

 Please note: full body 75 or 90 minutes only

Sports Modalities

Myofascial Dry Cupping.

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative therapy which dates back to ancient Egyptian, Chinese and middle Eastern cultures.

During cupping therapy therapists apply glass, bamboo or silicone cups to the skin for a few minutes to create suction.
The application of cups can be used to treat a variety of conditions such as:

Muscle pain and tension,

Reduced joint movement,


Back pain and sciatica,

Stress and anxiety.

£30.00 per session approx 40 minutes

Dry Needling.

Dry needling is a clinically supported form of treatment for “trigger points.”

Dry needling can dramatically reduce muscle tightness and associated pain.

Dry needling triggers a non specific local and systemic response which restores health and                removes or reduces stresses on the body.

Dry needling techniques treat myofascial and musculoskeletal pain, particularly when                        integrated with other physical therapy manual techniques.

£30.00 per session approx 40 minutes

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