Directions to Hands On Log Cabin

These directions have been provided as Google maps may try and take you to Wilstock Village or the middle of a field 2/10ths of a mile away.  Alternatively you can use the 'What 3 words' app and enter 'shot. voting. loft'

There are 3 ways to travel to the Hands On log cabin.

From Bridgwater via Wills Rd, Bowerings Rd, Rhode Lane.

From NorthPetherton via North St.

From Bridgwater via Durleigh.

If you are traveling from Bridgwater, these direction start at the junction of Bowerings Road & Rhode Lane

If you are traveling via NorthPetherton, these directions start from the junction of High St with North St, heading up Dancing Hill

If your journey brings you via Durleigh, these directions start at the triangle where the road goes on to NorthPetherton or bear left for Bridgwater