Bespoke Packages

Eastern Fusion

This treatment begins with Thai  Yoga Massage, using firm pressure with yoga style poses and stretches, designed to increase flexibility & mobility followed by a traditional Hawaiian Lomi Lomi hot oil massage to facilitate the reconnection of mind body and spirit, creating a deep sense of peace and harmony.

130 minutes       £120.00

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The Works

A full body brush and exfoliation using  a variety of scrubs, continuing with a warm application of hot Stones, the benefits of this treatment is a seamless combination of massage, heat and touch easing muscle tension creating a sense of complete relaxation, to enhance your wellbeing, its designed to rehydrate and restore the balance to your skin finishing with a relaxing scalp massage.

120 minutes            £105.00

Pamper Me Good

A seamless transition from a full body massage to a relaxing facial, the massage is designed to ease the stresses of the day by applying various pressures, followed by a bespoke personalised facial including exfoliation and a hydrating mask  which will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated, this is complemented by a stress relieving scalp massage

90 minutes      £95.00  

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Deep Tissue Massage

Full body massage, with or without salt scrub,  focusing on deep seated problem areas, using medium to firm pressure and myofascial release techniques.

90 minutes        £95.00

Blissed Out

Blend of Indian head massage, Neck Back & Shoulder and Reflexology  which nurtures the connection between the emotional and physical plane, this is achieved through the reflex zones of the body via the feet, head and face, to alleviate stress and create an environment for happiness.

60 minutes     £75.00

Wellness Enhancer

Full Body Hot Stones Massage combined with relaxing facial and Indian head massage, bringing the mind, body and spirit connection by facilitating the balance between the three.

120 minutes      £110.00

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Sports Classic

Some of the benefits of sports massage include

increased joint range of motion, increased flexibility,

decreased muscle tension and spasms, prevention of minor injuries and improved recovery rates.

Sports massage utilises a range of techniques/ stretches and includes such modalities as Cupping and Dry Needling.

Myofascial Dry Cupping

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative

therapy which dates back to ancient Egyptian,

Chinese and middle Eastern cultures. During cupping therapy, therapists apply glass, bamboo or silicone cups to create suction. Cupping is used to treat a variety of conditions such as:

Muscle pain and tension.

Reduced joint movement.


Back pain and sciatica.

Stress and anxiety.

Dry needling

Is a clinically supported form of treatment

for “trigger points.”

Dry needling can dramatically reduce muscle tightness and associated pain.

Dry needling triggers a non specific local and systemic response which restores health and removes or reduces stresses on the body.

Dry needling techniques treat myofascial and

musculoskeletal pain, particularly when integrated with other physical therapy manual techniques.

65 minutes                £60.00

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