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Bespoke Packages

Message 07725 940057 to book an appointment

Deep Tissue Massage

Full body massage, focusing on deep seated problem areas, using medium to firm pressure and myofascial release techniques.

Session Times

60 minutes        £65:00

90 minutes        £105:00

Blissed Out

Blend of Indian head massage, Neck Back & Shoulder and Reflexology or Thai Foot Massage which nurtures the connection between the emotional and physical plane, this is achieved through the reflex zones of the body via the feet, head and face, to alleviate stress and create an environment for happiness.

Session Times

60 minutes     £70:00

90 minutes     £95:00

Wellness Enhancer

Full Body Hot Stones Massage combined with relaxing facial and Indian head massage, bringing the mind, body and spirit connection by facilitating the balance between the three.

Session Times

90 minutes        £100:00

120 minutes      £145:00

Head in the Clouds

Enjoy a relaxing back, neck and shoulders massage followed by a skin nourishing facial to send you to cloud 9. This treatment will leave you feeling completely relaxed and restored with beautiful glowing skin.    

60 minutes      £65:00

75 minutes      £80:00

90 minutes      £95:00 

facial massage
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